Things I have taken away from the K-9 and Company commentary:

- Everyone drank their sorrows away (well everyone spent a majority of the on-screen time bonding through alcohol, so).

- Lis developed an emotional attachment to her leather gloves (she joked she wore them to bed and said, “My little secret!”)

-  She was upstaged by a petrol pump in the background during the scene with Brendon around the car.

- Everyone’s snark was on full capacity.

- She’d had a fallout with one of the cast members and he apologised by giving her a jar of mustard. (OH GOD IT’S SO BRITISH IT HURTS)

- All John Leeson had to say after the credits was, “Is it finished yet?” and all Lis had to say was, “Goodness gracious…”

I think that sums up their experiences…

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